Sinkeet: ‘I will revamp Kitengela’s economy’

The MCA aspirant, who is plunging into politics for the first time, has told the residents of Kitengela Ward to fight the status quo being fronted by their current representative, Paul Matuyia


Rising crime, bad roads, non-provision of freshwater, and abuse of drugs among the youth have pushed Alex Sinkeet to seek the Kitengela Ward seat in the coming General Election.

Born and bred in Kitengela, Sinkeet now wants to fix all the wrongs in Kitengela that the current regime has ignored for the past five years.

He also cites permanent power blackouts in the town centre on all the flashlights installed for security purposes due to non-payment of KPLC bills, which have led to people being mugged on a daily basis.

“When you go to Kitengela Police Station, the list of reported cases of mugging is shocking. This is because the county government decided that our people should suffer. We shall never continue like this; it is the people’s right to be served as they pay taxes,” said Sinkeet.

Clean water for Kitengela

He said it was tragic that in the 21st century, women and children should be carrying water on their backs or using carts pulled by donkeys. Instead, water should be connected to the estates and houses through pipes.

Sinkeet, who is plunging into politics for the first time, has told the residents of Kitengela Ward to fight the status quo being fronted by the current MCA, Paul Matuyia.

He accuses Matuyia of neglecting the people of Kitengela Ward by deciding to go to bed with Governor Joseph ole Lenku.

“Ever since he was elected, we are seeing him in Lenku’s convoys and yet our people have no fresh water, the business community and residents are chocking in uncollected garbage, and all the roads within the town centre are nasty every time it rains,” claimed Sinkeet.

The politician says Kitengela falls under the Nairobi metropolitan region but it has nothing to show for being under the metropolis, adding that there are no public toilets in the market and along the only main road.

Equality in the distribution of resources

Sinkeet is equally unhappy that the other communities living in the ward are not considered for bursaries.

These communities are owning property here and have nowhere else to call home; they have the right to access bursaries like other children.

This ward, he said, belongs to all the people living in it, and no one should be neglected in job distribution. They should be considered in job distribution because it is their right, he added.

More schools

Sinkeet said Kitengela Ward deserves more public primary and secondary schools because of the growing population of students.

He said the children from families living on the western and eastern sides of Athi River/Namanga Road should not be crossing the busy highway to access schools.

The ward rep aspirant said more public schools should be built near major estates to reduce the distances covered by pupils from and to their teaching institutions.

“The security of our children should be assured as the city of Kitengela grows each day,” added Sinkeet.

The 24-hour economy

Sinkeet says if elected, he will make Kitengela town a 24-hour trade hub, where businessmen and women operate round the clock.

“Kitengela is the bedroom of Nairobi and social amenities in this town should reflect the city status. I will fight for Kitengela to become a municipality once we have fixed the issues of water, good roads, and assured security,” said Sinkeet.

The aspirant also talked of the beatification of Kitengela town so that it attracts investors. He said all the backstreets of Kitengela town should be upgraded by the use of cabro blocks.

He said Kitengela town should have more flashlights in the backstreets to ensure the security of residents and the business community.

Youth, women, bodaboda operators

The aspirant said the youth, women, and bodaboda operators should form welfare groups which he will deal with them as entities for support.

He said if elected he will ensure that these groups are registered so that he can assist them access bank loans to buy houses, farms and whatever other enterprises they want to be involved in.

The health sector

The politician said once elected, he will ensure that government dispensaries are distributed to all corners of the ward.

The Kitengela sub-county hospital is not sufficient for the growing number of people seeking medical services, he said.

He appealed to the population in Kitengela to elect a person who will deliver, listen to the plight of the people and all the traders, and not one who will play the position of a boss.

The Jubilee candidate in the Azimio la Umoja coalition is a close associate of former governor David Nkedianye, who is also seeking the governor seat in the August general election.

Sinkeet has no competitor for the Jubilee ticket in the race for the Kitengela Ward and will be facing the incumbent, Matuyia, and others from Wiper and UDA political parties.

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