Katoo is a liability to UDA, says Elijah Naini

However, in a swift rejoinder, Ole Metito’s PA, John Maitei, dismissed Bazuu’s allegations and urged him to seek political support without invoking the MP’s name

It would appear like the honeymoon is over for UDA in Kajiado South, if sentiments expressed by Elijah Keen Naini are anything to go by.

Keen, popularly known as Bazuu, in an exclusive interview with Kajiado Star accused Kajiado South MP, and governor aspirant, Katoo ole Metito of working for the downfall of the party, by fighting party aspirants.

Bazuu is eyeing the Kajiado South MP seat on an UDA ticket.

Bad blood between Ole Metito and Bazuu came out in the open last weekend during DP William Ruto’s visit in the area, when the latter threw his weight behind, Kajiado East MP, Peris Tobiko, who will be facing off with Ole Metito in the governor nominations, in the party.

“I am disappointed with Katoo and I think he is a liability to the UDA party,” said Bazuu. “Instead of consolidating the gains we have so far, in the party, Katoo went badmouthing me to DP Ruto, telling him that I am an ODM mole in UDA.”

“It is for that reason that I decided that I will campaign for Mama Peris in the nomination for governor in UDA. How do I even support someone who sent his PA to tell me to move out of the party,” explained Bazuu.

He alleged that the governor aspirant has already sensed defeat in the hands of Peris and that explains why he wants to wreck the party from within before jumping out.

“Katoo thought he would get a direct nomination in UDA but I am afraid he will have to square it out with Mama Peris during the nomination and I will use all my efforts and resources to ensure that he goes home,” said the Kajiado South MP aspirant.

He claimed that his strong showing in Kajiado South has rattled Ole Metito, whom he alleged feels threatened by his strong personality.

“I am an independent minded person and that is not what Katoo wants. He is looking for sycophants; people who will bend to his every wish, so that he can impose them on the people of Kajiado South. Clearly, Bazuu is none of that,” he added.

It would appear that differences between the two run deep. According to Bazuu, Katoo has always been against his candidature right from the time he was vying to be elected as an official for the Olgulului Group Ranch, where he is now the treasurer.

“In my previous attempts to run for office, Katoo has always used his influence in the national government to frustrate me. However, this time round I got elected in spite of his efforts and I told him to his face,” he said.

However, in a swift rejoinder, Ole Metito’s PA, John Maitei, dismissed Bazuu’s allegations and urged him to seek political support without invoking the MP’s name. He said that Katoo is currently out of the country on official parliamentary duties.

“While I do not wish to give credence to Naini’s outburst, the man is clearly an opportunist,” charged Maitei. “In a span of less than two months, he has moved from supporting (Governor Joseph ole) Lenku, to Katoo and now Peris. It is just a matter of time before Peris realises what an unreliable person Naini is.”

He wondered how Ole Metito could be fighting Bazuu, yet they are not vying for the same seat.

“Katoo, a leader with a proven track record, is focused on the governor’s seat and has no time to meddle in the campaign of a confused greenhorn. Naini should learn to observe lanes,” he said.

On allegations that he was sent to ask Bazuu to leave the UDA party, Maitei said: “I did not ask him to join the party, why would I ask him to leave?”

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