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Moi was selfless: Kajiado politicians comfort family

Leaders give 51 goats and six cows to Moi family as goodwill gesture

By Albert Lemomo

Leaders from Kajiado County have eulogised former President Daniel Toroitich arap Moi as a selfless leader who strived to ensure peace and unity prevailed in the county during his reign.

Led by Kajiado Central MP Elijah Memusi, the politicians said the former president was a strong pillar of unity as he did not discriminate any citizen, whether by religion or ethnicity.

“In his administration, you could see the face of Kenya because he allowed all people — including Indians and Muslims — to be around him. He believed that every citizen and community has something unique to offer. He was a father figure who mentored almost everybody within the current political class.This is an example that we should emulate and focus on uniting Kenyans rather than dividing them,” said Daniel Kanchori, the personal assistant to Kajiado Governor Joseph ole Lenku.

Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko eulogised President Moi as a true leader who was respected across the continent for his love for peace in Africa and within Kenya.

“It is during the Moi era that our forces were in many countries, especially in West Africa, which had been ravaged by war. He was always willing to allow our forces to go to those war-torn regions and restore peace, an act that made Kenya influential and it gained respect among other African nations,” she said.

Former Kajiado Governor David ole Nkedianye also sent condolences to the family of Kenya’ slongest-serving president, saying the former commander-in-chief’s legacy shall be felt for years to come, especially within political circles. He praised Moi for repealing Section 2A of the old constitution, thus allowing multiparty politics.

“In 1992, he proved that personal interests should never be placed ahead of the population’s interests. He chose to allow Kenya to have an opposition as well as giving a chance to people who had alternative leadership ideas, hence increasing our democratic space,” Nkediaye said.

Former Kajiado Senator Peter Mositet also eulogised the late president, saying Moi was a champion of education who worked tirelessly to ensure the interests of the girl child were taken care of.

“The former president had a soft spot for children. He ensured that schools were established in almost every area that he visited. He built boarding schools for our girls and boys so that they could stay in school while their fathers were looking after their herds of cattle, hence providing an ample space for gain knowledge and skills to compete with other children from elsewhere. Free Nyayo milk was distributed to ensure that children attended school; therefore, his dream of facilitating Kenyans to access education shall be part of his legacy,” Mositet said.

The leaders gave out 51 goats and six cows to the Moi family as a goodwill gesture following the loss of former president Moi. Nkedianye said the animals were a token to show solidarity with the family during this difficult time.

The former president shall be buried on Wednesday at his Kabarak home in Nakuru County. Moi served the nation for 24 years as president.

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