Lion-hearted Mugo aims to work for the people of Kajiado North

Manje’s exit has opened up the floodgates of contestants seeking to inherit his seat and Mugo is one of the about a dozen hopefuls hoping to represent the cosmopolitan constituency, next year

The empowerment of the boy child is a major plank in George Mugo’s campaign manifesto as he guns for MP position in Kajiado North constituency.

He should know; he has been the director of family run private primary school for the last nine years. “I am not just advocating the rights of the boy child for the sake of it,” says Mugo. “I have been mentoring the boy child, here in school, for the last nine years and I am well aware that a lot needs to be done if we are to bring up our boys to be upright citizens of this nation.”

Mentorship of the boy child, he says, goes hand in hand with that of the girl child. “We cannot afford to discriminate either,” he adds.

The Kajiado North seat is currently occupied by Joseph Manje, who recently announced he will be teaming up with former Kajiado Governor David Nkedianye as a gubernatorial ticket in the 2022 elections.

Manje’s exit has opened up the floodgates of contestants seeking to inherit his seat and Mugo is one of the about a dozen hopefuls hoping to represent the cosmopolitan constituency, next year.

He knows that politics is not for the faint-hearted and insists that he is in it for the long haul. He equates his zeal and determination to that of a lion, hence his campaign motto of Simama Imara Madam Bro Amka (Simba).

Mugo has ambitious plans that will not only take care of the young, but the youth and the aged as well. For the youth, his plans are two-pronged: the establishment of a Theatre and Performing Centre and the Kajiado North Sports Centre.

These two bodies, he explains, will tap existing talents of the youth and take them to the next level where they will be able to earn decent income as a result. “Our youth are teeming with talent. We only need to identify these talents and develop them, be it in the field of Arts or sports,” he said.

He also plans to introduce major changes in the transport sector, which he explains requires to be streamlined in order to make it more efficient so that it becomes a reliable source of employment for the youth who are out if school. “Towards this end, I intend to introduce the Kajiado North Transport Centre, which will bring order to the matatu industry,” says Mugo, who has a degree in Electrical and Communication Engineering from Moi University.

The transport centre, he explains, will encourage matatu owners to form one giant sacco, whose operations will fully automated and therefore cashless. “We will come up with coupons to be purchased in shops, which upon being presented to the conductor, will be scanned for authenticity,” he added.

Having been brought up in Oloosurutia area of Olkeri Ward, Mugo, 41, says that he has observed a disturbing trend, where it comes to the care of the aged. “I have seen older members of the society suffer loneliness and neglect, when their grown-up children move out to start life on their own,” explains Mugo who has also done a Masters degree in Mass Communication from Daystar University.

“These senior citizens are part and parcel of our society and require to be taken care of and that is why I will establish an elders’ sanctuary, where these old folks will be taken to spend time with their peers and be returned home in the evening. That way, they will be kept occupied and thus spend their sunset years in dignity,” says Mugo.

He also plans to tackle the garbage menace through the establishment of a garbage collection and recycling centre, which will not only rid the urban centres of garbage but also provide the much-needed employment opportunities.

Public service is not new to Mugo, who is the current chairman of Oloosurutia Residents Association. “Residents of this area appreciated the work I have done for them and it is them who urged me to go the MP’s seat,” explains Mugo who has occupied leadership positions, throughout his life, including schools.

“As area MP, I will work closely with all elected leaders, from the governor, senator, woman rep, to MCA, in order to bring services to the people. I will also cooperate with national government offices, like KURA and KERA, to see to it that our people access development,” he explains.

“Being the Kajiado North MP will be an added feather in my leadership cap,” adds Mugo.


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