Wiper party is free to support any gubernatorial candidate in Kajiado, says Peshut

Imaroro MCA maintains that though Wiper is in the Azimio Coalition, they have not ruled out the possibility of supporting Katoo ole Metito of UDA

Wiper party in Kajiado County is yet to endorse a gubernatorial candidate. This is according to members of the party who addressed a press conference in Isinya on Thursday.

Led by Jason Parantai, who is Wiper’s coordinator in Kajiado, the members said that their endorsement will only go to the gubernatorial aspirant who supports the aspirations of the party in the county.

Wiper’s new resolution on its support for a gubernatorial candidate is in sharp contrast from that of party leader Kalonzo Musyoka, who appeared to endorse Ole Lenku, when he attended Moses Birisha’s parliamentary election bid launch in Kajiado Central, last month.

“When we saw the party leader, who is entitled to his opinion, endorsing a certain candidate, he did it in his own volition and based on his own reasons,” said Amos Peshut, the Imaroro MCA.  “We are yet to have a meeting to agree on whom to support.”

He explained that when the party comes down to making such a decision, it will be based on service delivery. “We shall be looking at the track records of all the possible candidates running for the position of governor,” he said adding that though Wiper is in the Azimio Coalition, they have not ruled out the possibility of supporting Katoo ole Metito of UDA.

However, for the party to arrive at that all important decision, there will have to be structured dialogue. “It will have to be based on structured consultations to make it a win-win situation especially within the Azimio Coalition,” said Peshut.

He noted that for the longest time, Wiper party has been taken for granted by other parties. “Wiper is a jewel in Kajiado County politics. Even those who are not contesting on a Wiper ticket would still want endorsement of Wiper party leaders. We are so important when it comes to endorsing people but ceases being important when we need their endorsement,” he explained.

In the absence of such dialogue, Peshut says that since they don’t have a governor candidate, “each party member will support a candidate of their choice based on what pleases you and whether an olive branch has been extended to you and whether the interests of your people are going to be met.”

On his part, Peshut says he supports Jubilee’s Nkedianye.

Wiper party in Kajiado will be fielding two parliamentary candidates, a woman rep, a senator and ten MCAs in Kajiado County. They are Josephine Tito for woman rep and Gideon Toimasi for Senate. The MP aspirants are Moses Birisha in Kajiado Central and David Parseina in Kajiado East.

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