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Koonyo, Peris’ CDF chair, is hot favourite to deputise Katoo

There are intense negotiations within the United democratic Alliance (UDA) fraternity in Kajiado County to determine who will become Katoo ole Metito’s running mate.

Our sources indicate that one of the strongest contenders is Geoffrey Koonyo, who has been the CDF chairman for Kajiado East MP, Peris Tobiko, for two terms. It is understood that Peris has recommended Koonyo to become Katoo’s deputy.

This is interpreted to be a sign of goodwill from Peris to Katoo and to show any rifts that might have arisen from the nomination contest are now healed. “More than anything else, it is a good indicator that Peris is ready and willing to support Katoo in the August 9 election,” said our source.

There a number of factors that favour Koonyo above other hopefuls, foremost being his youthfulness. Born in 1984, Koonyo is age mates with Governor Lenku’s running mate Martin Moshisho. He would not only appeal to the youthful voting block, but also give Katoo, the much-needed visibility in Kajiado East, where he does not have much support.

Kajiado East comes in second position, after Kajiado North, in terms of high numbers of registered voters, in Kajiado County.

His experience in chairing the Kajiado East CDF is an added advantage as he will, from time to time, be required to advise Katoo on management issues at the county.

When it comes to clan considerations, Koonyo belongs to the Orokiteng clan, which compliments nicely with Katoo’s Odomong’i clan.

Like his mentor Peris, Koonyo studied Political Science at the University of Nairobi.

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