Pulei: Her ambition is to put Kajiado firmly on the rise

Women’s Rep candidate has attracted the admiration of voters across the county with energetic but down-to-earth campaign, sowing seeds of progress even before having any kitty to control

Rhoda Pulei has mounted an energetic campaign for the Women’s Rep seat in Kajiado County. Despite being soft-spoken, her passion and firmness have endeared her to many voters.

Ms Pulei is seen as exemplifying honest servant leadership. She has carefully cultivated the image of a motherly figure and vibrant leader ready to serve all and sundry without fear or favour. Her apparent Christian attributes have further endeared her to religious folk.

It is also in the public domain that her strong cordial association with the country’s top Leadership has given her a head start in launching her political career.

The impact of her political manoeuvres has come to be felt in every corner of the vast Kajiado County as she has a clean track record, besides being development-conscious and sowing seeds of progress all over the county even before having a portfolio and funds kitty to control.

Her great oratorical skills are expected to come in handy in moving the masses at public rallies and assuring her of emerging triumphant in the forthcoming general election. It is to her credit that she holds sway over the youth, who contribute substantially to the vote basket.

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