Moshisho to Tobiko: No gender favours in 2022 race 

Deputy Governor says Tobiko is free to vie for governor’s seat, but rejects gender considerations

By Zipporah Kariuki

Kajiado Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho has told Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko that gubernatorial elections in 2022 will not be decided along gender lines.

Moshisho’s sentiments were in response to Tobiko’s plea to Kajiado voters to consider voting in a woman governor in 2022 after electing two male governors since 2013. “The field is wide open and you are open to vie,” said Moshisho. “However, you should bear in mind that there will not be any gender considerations; one is elected based on their vision and output.”

The two leaders were addressing mourners in Maji Mazuri, in Kajiado East, during the burial of Margaret Wambui, wife of Marias ole Pakini. In her address, Tobiko had asked the leadership of Kajiado County to make prudent use of public funds. “Sh10 billion is a lot of money and therefore people should not be complaining of a poor road network and other related services,” said Tobiko.

“Why are our urban centres of Rongai, Kitengela and Kajiado choking in garbage, yet our leaders are holding onto Sh10 billion?” she asked. “Don’t you think such leaders require divine intervention?”

Speaker after speaker complained about bad roads, especially in Oloorsirkon Sholinke Ward, where the funeral was being held. They asked the Deputy Governor to take the message to Governor Joseph ole Lenku.

Former governor David Nkedianye told the gathering that Lenku’s government is currently getting double what his government was receiving from the National Treasury. “I urge those who are in office to work for the people; we are watching,” said Nkedianye, who said he will talk politics during campaign time.

Nominated Senator Mary Seneta expressed regret that roads in Sholinke are in a dilapidated state, yet the area produces building materials for the whole of Kajiado and beyond. “The county government should ensure that the same stones that are mined here are used to pave the roads,” said Seneta.

She urged Tobiko to go for the governor’s seat in 2022, so that she (Seneta) would vie for the Kajiado East parliamentary seat, which Tobiko currently occupies.

“That way, when she is governor and I am MP, I will put her to task and together we will construct these roads; it is not a big deal for two able women,” she added.

Former Olkejuado County Council chairman Taraiya ole Kores, who read ODM leader Raila Odinga’s condolence message, said it was wrong for MCA’s to be denied bursary allocations from the County Government. “That money does not belong to Lenku or any other leader; it is public money and should be used for the good of the people,” said Kores.

Kores asked the County Government to shelve the contentious land rates and to ensure that there is proper consensus on the matter before implementing it.

On the issue of bursary, Kores was referring to Oloorsirkon Sholinke MCA Francis Kaesha, who complained that he has been denied bursary allocation and that he was being sidelined by Lenku’s government for attending Tobiko’s meetings. “Why am I being sidelined for siding with my MP? Peris (Tobiko) is my MP, just as Lenku is my governor.”

Moshisho asked Kaesha not to hide behind Tobiko and learn to address his own issues. “Peris can speak for herself; speak for yourself and stop hiding behind other people,” Moshisho told Kaesha.

The deputy governor attributed the bad state of roads in the county to the rains that have pounded the county in the past few months. “We shall fix the roads once the rains subside. Why are people seeing only the bad things? Why can’t they talk of the good things that the county government has done?” asked Moshisho.

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