Police in Loitokitok arrest teen who dumped newborn in church latrine

Reliable sources indicate that the three-day-old newborn stayed for about twelve-hours in a pit latrine, before a church security guard heard it cry, and immediately reported it to the police 

By Jonathan Teikan

Police officers have arrested a 20-year-old girl in Kisanchani area, of Loitokitok Sub-county, after she was found culpable of dumping her three-day-old newborn in a Catholic Church latrine in Isinet town.

Irene Simaloi, a form three dropout, and who has until recently been working as a waitress in an eatery in the Isinet town, has been on the police radar for the past three days until yesterday, when she was found and arrested at her parents’ home.

According to police sources, who took part in the search operations, but who spoke on condition of anonymity as they are not authorized to speak to the media, they said a night security guard in the church heard cries of the baby in the latrine at around 4 am, after it has stayed at there for about twelve hours, as the mother later revealed that she dumbed her at around 4 o’clock in the evening.

The guard then immediately called the police and nyumba kumi elders, who responded swiftly and fortunately they found the babe alive and kicking. 

The police then rushed the baby to Loitokitok Sub-county hospital, where it was examined and placed in an incubator. 

Luckily, it had a wristband whose details aided the police on tracing the mother.

Though the reasons for the attempted murder could not immediately be established, the police suspect that the lady could have got used to executing the crime, as she seemed “so confident and unmoved” when caught by the police, and has also exhibited “accomplished craftsmanship” in her cover-up attempts.

Firstly, she is said to have concealed her identity when she was admitted at Kimana hospital and later at Loitokitok hospital where she was referred to for advanced maternal care after she was discovered to be anemic — a condition characterized by a shortage of sufficient blood in the body. 

She gave her name as Faith Soila from Sultan Hamud, and further falsely claimed that her “separated” parents could not be reached, purportedly, as they have no phones. It is now established that her father passed on about a decade ago.

Furthermore, in another move seen to have been calculated to complicate likely tracing of her, she allegedly conspired with a nurse at the facility to have her discharged using another person’s identity documents, a matter that brings to the fore, the question of how personal documents are being handled in the public utility.

And good to the conspiracy, the police ended up hunting for pastor Korduni Lorkinyei of the Free Pentecost church in Amboseli, whose identity card was used, for what the insiders at the facility say, “it was just an innocent take by the nurse to assist the girl get discharged as she had no documents.” 

The pastor’s wife was reportedly at the facility where she left a photocopy of her husband’s identity card to get her daughter who delivered at the facility discharged a few days ago. 

However, as “innocent” as the take could have been, it also goes without saying that it could have put the pastor in an intricate position, especially in the unfortunate scenario that the mother, the newborn or both were by any circumstance found dead — he could have been suspected to have a hand in the incident.

Consequently, the pastor’s lawyer Mugambi Marete has now threatened to sue the lady and the hospital for “fraudulently” using his client’s documents. 

“We are waiting for the police to conclude their investigations, then we can pursue a legal action against the facility and the lady for fraudulently using our client’s document,” the lawyer told the Kajiado Star.

On their part, the hospital, in our view, is non-committal to comment on the matter after our day-long attempts to reach out to the concerned authorities proved futile, as the lady who picked our call to the hospital, kept telling us to wait, until in the evening when she told us that the concerned officers, “are out of the facility, kindly call tomorrow,” she said on phone. 

Meantime, the newborn is said to be recuperating, and is under the care of nurses and her grandmother at the hospital.

The girl is also at the hospital receiving medication, but an anonymous nurse says she would possibly be referred to the Kenyatta National Hospital, if her condition deteriorates. 

Administrators say, upon her recovery, she would then be arraigned in court to answer charges of attempted murder. 

The area OCPD is yet to give us his report on the matter, though he has habitually been avoiding the media, for whatever reason he knows what. 

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