Memusi takes a swipe at Lenku’s plead for relief food

The lawmaker says the county government should be taking own immediate initiative to feed vulnerable families so that the input from the national government would only come as a complement to what they are already doing

By Our Reporter

Kajiado Central MP Memusi Kanchorry takes a swipe at the county administration for allegedly rushing “out” to seek relief food for her starving residents before taking her initiative, in response to the Covid-19 that continues to wreak socio-economic havoc at home and globally.

Speaking to the media at his Osiligi farm in Kajiado town, yesterday, the veteran politician said its incumbent upon, both the national and county governments to take proactive responses to cushion the public against the increasing and escalating effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

He however said the county government is at the grassroots, and hence should take immediate responses, to feed its vulnerable populations, as they wait for the national government to complement their efforts.

“Our county government should be doing its part as we continue to wait upon the national government to also give its hand,” he said.

This comes barely days after Governor Joseph ole Lenku has said that he is in talks with the national government officials, seeking their support, to be able to feed his growing population of needy families in the county.

“We have communicated to the national government on our food needs and, locally, we are working with the County Commissioner (Joshua Nkanatha) to get food for our people,” said the governor.

However, in what is seen to be pointing a finger at the local administration as not having done its part, the MP Kanchorry said, “Kajiado County government should emulate what her Mombasa counterpart is doing.

Adding that: “Although Mombasa (County) has a bigger population compared to Kajiado, their Governor (Hassan Joho) is putting an effort to feed his residents, even before the national government brings in their support.”

In the same vein, he urged residents — those who can — to take advantage of the ongoing rains to plant crops in their farms, arguing that, in consideration of the indefinite uncertainty on when normalcy could be restored, the government may not be able to feed the whole population sustainably, hence those who will be able to reap a good harvest, would then do the country a great service by voluntarily offering to support the government’s interventions by feeding their needy neighbor.

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