Leaders condemn early politicking, rally support for Lenku

Kajiado South MP Katoo ole Metito has urged leaders not to resort to washing their dirty linens in public, noting that it is against the community’s cultural values, and development

By Jonathan Teikan

Leaders have called on aspiring politicians to stop early politicking, and instead support incumbent leaders in delivering services to mwananchi.

Speaking during Governor Joseph ole Lenku’s second Scorecard Address, in Kiserian, Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje said, “Wale ambao wanapiga kelele pale chini, ni vizuri wakati huu ambao ni wa kazi, tumshikilie governor ndio yale ambayo tunataka yatimizwe yapate kutimizwa, between now and next year … badala ya kupiga kelele ukiwa huko nyumbani.”

It is loosely translated to: “Those making noise on the other sides, (understandably East and Central Constituencies), should stop their noise and instead support the governor in delivering the much needed services, so that in the case we have proposals to development projects we need to done, then they can be done. Making noise from home won’t help.”

His Kajiado South counterpart Katoo ole Metito, also speaking at the event said, “[As dignified community leaders] we don’t wash our dirty linens in public; it’s against our culture, and it’s also against development … If we resort to squabbling, we will [needlessly] make our people suffer.”

The sentiments were also echoed by immediate former Kajiado West Member of Parliament Moses ole Sakuda, while speaking at an annual prayer meeting for the Ilkimayiana age-set at Iloodoariak, Kajiado West.

Sakuda, who unsuccessfully defended his seat in the last general election, said he supports the  incumbent MP George Sunkuyia, and will wait until the right time, to challenge him, if need be.

“As at now, I know for sure, that [George] Sunkuyia is the area MP until the next general election, so there is no need for me or any other person to bring him distraction.

He added: “Let’s give them ample time, then when the right time comes, we will judge everyone squarely based on what they will have achieved or fail to.”

The former lawmaker who was recently appointed vice chairman of the Ewuaso  Nyiro South Development Authority, said at the moment he is committed to ensure that the community gets easy access to clean.

“The fact that I am silent, should not be misconstrued to mean that I have no political ambitions, or that I am content with every these leaders are doing; servant leadership dictates that I appreciate when other leaders do well, and I correct them when things go astray, without necessarily resorting to abusing them”.

The area MP George Sunkuyia, who spoke after his predecessor, also said, “Of utmost importance now, is our support for our leaders; support your MP, your Governor and all other elected leaders so we can all progress.”

The remarks come against a backdrop of foul exchanges between supporters of key political bigwigs perceived to be fierce critics of the county administration, and those supporting the latter.

Kajiado Central MP Memusi Kanchorry fired the first salvo when he accused Governor Lenku of being “a total nuisance” in Kajiado.

In a video clip that was recently making rounds on social media, the lawmaker further alleged that the governor has failed in undertaking the county’s administration, just as he “failed” when he was the Cabinet Secretary of Interior and National Coordination.

Ewuaso Nyiro South Development Authority

Sakuda, who recently got appointed vice chairman of the Ewuaso Nyiro South Development Authority, made the remarks when he attended an annual prayer ceremony for the Ilkimayiana age-set, held in Iloodoariak, Kajiado West.

The function was co-presided by Bishop Julius ole Tinkoi of the Gospel Revival Ministries and the chief of the Ilkishuru age-set Ole Romo. Ilkishuru are the guardians of the Ilkimayiana age-set.

On his part, Ole Romo said the county government should consider age-set chiefs whenever it does it’s budgeting, noting that their services to the people equally need facilitation.

“The work we are doing to the people is costly, and we don’t have any particular source of income; we also have families to provide for… the county should consider to support our course,” he said.

Other leaders present were; County Public Service Minister Francis Sakuda, Water Chief Officer Morris Kaaka and former Senate aspirant Daniel ole Tinaai.

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