Resign or we impeach you, Memusi tells DP Ruto

MP says the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga has given new momentum to the fight against corruption

By Our Reporter

Kajiado Central MP Kanchori Memusi says he is ready and willing to table an impeachment motion against Deputy President William Ruto in Parliament.

Memusi has accused the Deputy President of being an impediment in the fight against corruption. “There are very many grounds for impeaching Ruto, but before we come to that he must do the honour-able thing and resign from his position if he feels he no longer serves the interests of the government.”

He said the handshake between President Uhuru Kenyatta and ODM leader Raila Odinga has given new momentum to the fight against corruption. “We, as elected leaders in ODM, support the fight against corruption,” said the MP, who addressed the media outside his office in Kajiado.

“We have however seen supporters of the DP daring the president to sack Ruto.“It does not have to be the president to sack Ruto, because constitutionally that cannot happen unless a snap election is called, and the country does not have money to do a snap election right now,” said Memusi.

The MP said the fight against corruption is being derailed by “noise coming from supporters of the DP, who are now claiming that this is a fight against one community. When you steal public funds, you are not stealing on behalf of your community, you are doing it on your own behalf and it is you alone to answer for that. Ruto should stop using MPs to speak on his behalf.”

“Why can’t Ruto do the honourable thing and resign if he feels the president is sabotaging him in any way?” asked Memusi. “It is either he resigns or we impeach him; it is that simple. There are those who will back Uhuru to finish his remaining three years in office.”

Memusi accused Ruto of being obsessed with his 2022 presidential ambitions. “While Ruto’s only concern is 2022, some of us are concerned about the country.

We are not interested in who becomes president in 2022 because that will come and pass. What we are interested in is the future of this country. Kenya will be here beyond 2022.”

Responding to a question, Memusi denied the allegation that the handshake had killed the opposition. “The handshake has actually strengthened opposition voices in this country,” he said. “Before the handshake, the opposition used to talk about corruption but no action used to be taken, because there used to be a lot of cover-up. We are now being vindicated.”

He congratulated the offices of the DPP and DCI for their sustained fight against corruption. “They are doing a good job. We however need to see them working together with the judiciary so they can win the war against corruption,” said Memusi.

He however reminded Odinga that as his generals, he has not seen the benefits of the handshake trickle down to Kajiado.

“If there are to be appointments they should be more evident here in Kajiado Central.”

However, in a swift rejoinder, nominated MCA Onesmus Ngogoyo said Memusi lacks the character and personality to criticise the deputy president. “What is Memusi’s problem?” asked Ngoyoyo. “If there is a person who ought to resign, then that person should be Memusi.

“I will tell Memusi for free, the DP is not in his league. What has Memusi done for the people of Kajiado Central for him to ask Ruto to resign?” asked Ngogoyo.

“This is a person who spends most of his time in Nairobi but has the guts to tell a proven performer like Ruto to resign.”

Ngogoyo alleged that Memusi goes around telling his constituents that he is in school, “as if that is a good enough excuse for not delivering to the people who elected him. Was he elected to go to school or to serve his people?

“Memusi is a village non-performer; let him leave the DP alone,” added the former Olkeri MCA.

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