Residents block Namanga road over shoddy work

Protesters demanded that the contractor undertaking the work be discontinued

By David Saeni

Angry residents of Maili Tisa on Monday, January 20 disrupted transport activities along the busy Namanga Road, blocking a section of the road to protest poor workmanship.

It took the effort of police to clear the road, saving passengers who had been stranded on that stretch for hours. The residents claimed that shoddy work on the road was causing traffic accidents in the area, resulting in deaths.

A passenger who spoke to the Kajiado Star complained that they had been stranded on the spot for more than two hours, which had inconvenienced her as she was taking a patient to hospital.

The protesters demanded that the contractor undertaking the work be discontinued. “We pay taxes, so we demand to have a better road; we are tired of losing lives on this road due to shoddy work by the contractor,” said a resident.

They vowed to block the road once more if the contractor is not discontinued. They also demanded to be addressed by their leaders over the matter.

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