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Lenku accuses “political competitors” of instigating ethnic feuds at Kiserian market

The County Chief has alleged that there are “elements” — working on the instructions of political competitors — that are using violence and threats against some local traders


Greetings, my good people of Kajiado North. It has come to my attention that there are some elements in Kiserian town, and its environs, who are hell bent to disrupt the prevailing peace in the area.

The elements are inciting a section of local traders and residents against the implementation of the County Government’s plan to restore order and sanity in Kiserian — one of the fastest growing towns in the County.

The said elements whom we have established are working on the instructions of some of our political competitors are using violence and threats against some local traders.

We shall not give any space for anyone to provoke residents on the basis of their ethnicity.

We have worked so hard for this peace that we shall go to any length to protect it.

Information on these individuals who have been captured on camera harassing residents and using threats and intimidation has been handed over to the police and will be apprehended as soon as possible.

On the matter of traders selling their wares on the road, it is the position of the County Government that, in the interest of the general public, it will not be allowed.

We put up a modern market in Kiserian as a response to the traders request to offer them a conducive and well-organized trading space.

Further, this market was supposed to de-congest the town and eliminate the danger of accidents the traders were exposed to.

We, therefore, urge the traders to strictly sell their merchandise from inside the market.

By the same token, we urge customers to abide by this regulation and buy their merchandise from inside the market.

All traders and customers will be protected against any harassment.

I also direct our enforcement officers to observe restraint as much as possible as they restore and maintain order in the town.

~ Governor Joseph ole Lenku

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