How Sakuda scored own goal… and made Jubilee a laughing stock

POLITICAL GOOF: Inviting Moses Konana to a Jubilee event was hardly a wise idea

Ever since Lenku dumped Jubilee for ODM, the atmosphere between the two Azimio factions has become increasingly toxic

What was supposed to be a big day for former Kajiado West MP Moses ole Sakuda turned out to be a chaotic mess, where ”strangers” almost ignited a mass brawl, with harsh words being exchanged.

Yes, an event where Sakuda was supposed to launch his senatorial bid became a trending topic on Kajiado social media pages because Moses Konana, who is vying for the Kajiado West MP seat on an Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) ticket, decided to disrupt the meeting by campaigning for Governor Joseph ole Lenku, despite the forum being a Jubilee event. Lenku is seeking to defend his position on an ODM ticket.

As early as 3 pm Lenku’s supporters started flooding social media pages, crowing how Konana had single-handedly “converted” a Jubilee event into a Lenku campaign platform. Before long, videos of the fracas started being uploaded. All this was happening as the guests, including those from Jubilee headquarters, sat there stunned, too numbed to intervene.

Had they known that they would walk into such a shambles, it is doubtful guests like Environment Cabinet Secretary Keriako Tobiko, Chief Administrative Secretaries Rachael Shebesh and Beatrice Elachi, and Muranga Woman Representative Sabina Chege, would have attended.

Despite the fine speeches that were made at the event, everyone was left talking about the chaos ignited by Konana.

The big question is how Konana, who is in Lenku’s ODM camp, made it to Sakuda’s event, organised by the Jubilee party. Well, the answer is quite simple: He was invited by the host himself.

Konana and Sakuda might be in different parties, but are both in the Azimio coalition. Viewed from that angle, it becomes easy to understand why Sakuda invited Konana; after all, they are all battling for Raila Odinga.

However, when one considers the prevailing animus between Lenku and former governor David Nkedianye, inviting Konana to a Jubilee event was hardly a wise idea.

Ever since Lenku dumped Jubilee for ODM, the atmosphere between the two Azimio factions has become increasingly toxic. This has been exacerbated by thinly-veiled ethnic attacks against the Kikuyu community issued by Lenku and his deputy, simply because Nkedianye picked Kajiado North MP Joseph Manje — a Kikuyu — to be his running mate.

Only a week ago, Lenku’s supporters organised a failed protest against Manje in Kitengela, an ethnic mobilisation exercise against Manje and the community he represents. In short, Lenku has radicalised his supporters and the results were evident in Kimuka.

In the heat of the moment, Manje was almost prevented from addressing the crowd. That is how ugly things were in Kimuka.

A major question in people’s minds is why Sakuda saw it fit to invite Konana when he knew that Joseph Simel, who is also seeking the Kajiado West seat on a Jubilee ticket, was going to be present. Did it not occur to him that Simel would feel slighted?

How would he like it if Simel organised a meeting and he invited him together with Judith Pareno, who is in Lenku’s camp? Or worse still, given the current poisoned atmosphere between the two camps, does he stand a chance of being in an event organised by Lenku?

It might be argued that Sakuda needs both Simel’s and Konana’s supporters to vote for him in his senatorial bid, but then, there are other avenues to court that support. Even then, he needs to be discreet about it. For now, he comes out as quite selfish, not thinking about the welfare of the two MP aspirants.

It was quite reckless of Sakuda to invite Konana — forget about clan loyalties for now — to his senatorial launch, under the present circumstances. Well, as it came out quite dramatically, Sakuda cannot have his cake and eat it at the same time.

His advisors should have a private chat with him and plead with him to go easy on his foot-shooting proclivities.

Meanwhile, Lenku’s camp is having a good laugh at his expense.

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