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Whence comes another like Prof Kisoso?

Apart from teaching Theology at Daystar, Nazarene and KAG Universities, Kisoso has played a great role in spreading the Gospel in all the Maasai counties of Kajiado, Narok and Samburu, where he has aided in planting numerous churches

By Beverline Timanoi

It was truly the end of an era, when on Tuesday, August 3, Kajiado bid farewell to one of her most prominent sons, a victim of the deadly Covid-19.

Paul Kuya Kisoso, fondly known as Prof to many, breathed his last on Sunday August 1, at the Kitengela Sub-County Hospital, where he had been admitted. He was 76.

Apart from teaching Theology at Daystar, Nazarene and KAG Universities, Kisoso has played a great role in spreading the Gospel in all the Maasai counties of Kajiado, Narok and Samburu, where he has aided in planting numerous churches. Not many people are aware that he was among the founders of Nazarene University, right from acquiring the land where the institution occupies in Rongai.

Kisoso was also among the founding members of the Pefa churches in Kenya.

Not only that, Kisoso has been a champion of education among the Maa people. Many pastors in Kajiado have him to thank for acquiring higher education. Most of them started off with modest education or none at all, but the moment they met Kisoso, he impressed upon them the need to arm themselves with education as it would greatly assist them in their ministries.

According to one of his sons, Simel Kisoso, the old man was progressive, loved knowledge but above all, encouraged his offspring to chart their own course. “My father was never one to influence his children to follow a particular career path; he set you free and encouraged you to the hilt. That probably explains why there are no pastors amongst my siblings,” explained Simel. “He took us to the best schools.”

Bernard Parsaoti, echoes his younger brother’s sentiments. “My father always told us that our lives are in the palms of our hands; he urged us to spread our wings to the farthest we could get and we were always assured of his unqualified support,” said Parsaoti adding that the father was a teacher even at home; always simplifying complex issues for ease of understanding.

The late Kisoso was born in Erankau, Elangata Nanyokie. He was the fourth born in the family of the late Mzee Leleita Kisoso and the late Mama Sengera Leleita. He joined Ilbissil Primary School at the age of 12. After primary school, he joined Moranism after undergoing the Maasai traditional circumcision ceremony.

His life would take a turn for the better after he met an American missionary called Mrs Butler, in 1968, in Mashuuru. Butler had him enrolled at the Kaimosi Teacher Training College. After his studies in Kaimosi, the woman facilitated his travel to the US, where he went to further his studies, which he took up to PhD level. Before coming back to Kenya, the late Kisoso taught in a number of universities in the US.

In 1981, he met and married Susana Maika, from the Taki Maika family. Then he was aged 36, which was quite late for a Maasai man. This is however explained by his long absence from home as he pursued further education.

Kisoso and Maika have seven children, five boys and two girls. They are Berbard Parsaoti, Sankan Kisoso, Parmutia Kisoso, Simel Kisoso, Queen Kisoso, Kametoi Kisoso and Liseni Kuya. The late Kisoso has left behind seven grandchildren.

Among the churches he helped plant include Calvary Ministry Outreach International as well as the Covenant Church International (CCI).

Sankan Kisoso, another of sons told Kajiado Star that their father’s love for education led him to establish the Academic Day at the St Anna Lemaa Pefa, which he built just outside his homestead. The annual Academic Day, explained Sankan, attracts up to 600 pupils, where motivational speakers are invited to talk to the pupils. The pupils are also awarded for good performances.

Apart from Education and Christianity, Kisoso was also deeply involved in peace initiatives, like the Maa Peace Agenda, which he was a key member of.

Among the people he has mentored include the Semera brothers, Michael and Moses. Michael is the current CEC in charge of Finance in the Kajiado County Government, while Moses served in the Public Service Board in David Nkedianye’s administration.

Bishop Chris Kosencha of the Covenant Church International said that Kisoso was instrumental in not only in spreading the Gospel to the Maasai nation, and beyond, but also in promoting literacy across the ranks of the various denominational organisations. “In the last decade or so, we had so many church leaders, particularly pastors, who either didn’t go to school at all, or who dropped from school, who enrolled in school through his efforts,” said Kosencha.

At his home in Lemaa Olmoti, in Kaputiei North, a few kilometers from Isinya town, Kisoso was a successful Dorpa Sheep farmer.

Kisoso’s funeral was attended by among others Kajiado Deputy Governor Martin Moshisho, governor aspirant and former NTSA director-general Francis ole Meja and Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko.

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