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We’ll not entertain saboteurs, Lenku warns

Governor’s tirade comes after at least 30 youths were arrested and arraigned in court after they descended on the contractor constructing the Kitengela market and beat him up

By Albert Lemomo

Kajiado County Governor Joseph Ole Lenku has issued a stern warning to local leaders who have developed an appetite to stifle development projects in the county by sponsoring rowdy youths to demonstrate and destroy some projects undertaken by the devolved unit.

“In the past few years, as a government we have initiated projects that will go a long way towards improving the people’s living standards but in some instances, some individuals have resorted to engaging themselves in unlawful acts of sabotaging development by either demonstrating without cause or hiring youths to steal and vandalise equipment and materials at the project site, hence causing unnecessary delays towards the completion of projects.This time, we will not spare anyone who will try to sabotage any development project in the county,” a firm Lenku told the gathering.

The governor’s tirade comes after at least 30 youths were arrested and arraigned in court after they descended on the contractor constructing the Kitengela market and beat him up. They also stole iron sheets and iron rods that were used to construct the market.

The governor also reiterated President Uhuru Kenyatta’s directive that the Export Processing Zone (EPZ) company should distribute water to the residents, saying this is set to be fulfilled.

“We are at an advanced stage in talks between us to bring this dream to fruition; we have had some challenges from some leaders, but we are ironing out the issues and soon we will have water in Kitengela,” The county boss said.

In recent months, Lenku has come under fire, falling out with several leaders who have included Kajiado County Speaker Johnstone Osoi and Kajiado East MP PerisTobiko.However, during the Jamhuricelebrations, the three leaders pledged to support each other for the betterment of the residents.

“We no longer have fights among us. It is a new dawn, we are all working for the benefit mwananchi there is no citizen for county or national government. That is why we have come together as leaders to ensure the recent unstable atmosphere in our county and here in Kajiado East will not happen again,” said Lenku.

In her address, Kajiado East MP Peris Tobiko challenged the leaders to be wary of their promises that they pledged to wananchi. “As elected officials,all of us have different mandates to undertake for the interest of the people.Therefore, we should ensure that all the pledges are fulfilled and that is how we will be remembered as shujaas as well.”

Kajiado County Commissioner Joshua Nkanatha also took the opportunity and warn revelers in Kajiado County to be wary of roadblocks and police checks to protect lives and property during this time of festivities.

“Kajiado County is not a home for the disorderly.To all members of the public who are used to drink-driving, we will not have a safe haven because we have the Alcoblo machines in plenty and we will mount impromptu roadblocks and patrols along the highways and residential areas so that all will be able to protect life and property.” Nkanatha said.

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