TOIMASI: The youth must rise and craft their own destiny

Gideon Toimasi

For a long time, the youth have cried foul over non-inclusion in decision making in matters pertaining to their lives. The youth of today are slaves to both political and economic patronage.

Nothing is more disturbing than the underutilization of our locally-available factors of production. Yet, what is required is only a proper plan of action, clarity of thought, and sharp focus on what is important to the youth cohort.

Those who control the economics of a society also control its politics. Economic empowerment is key if we have to be autonomous and free of patronage. The youth must rise to write and tell their own story.

The youth today always want to begin with huge amounts of money. Those before us started from somewhere; if we took time to get their stories, they have a lot to tell concerning how they manoeuvred with little capital. Seeking economic empowerment should be the next pursuit after a good education.

To a large extent, the future of Kenya and Africa at large depends on the youth. Above 60 per cent of the population is youthful. They are full of energy, new ideas, and an appetite for positive change.

But all these can only be achieved if and when the youth are economically empowered. Innovation and creativity should be embraced. If agriculture is done using modern technology, for example, the youth can achieve much in the vast county of Kajiado and help achieve food security, which is one of the president’s Big Four agenda.

With devolution, county governments have an obligation to empower the youth through provision of necessary inputs, including credit facilities. Establishment of SACCOs is also key.

Gideon Toimasi, is the Youth Senate, Kajiado County.

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