Saigilu: Why is Kores keen to endorse him this early?

Loodokilani Ward hopeful mantains that he has a working rapport with Governor Lenku, though he has not yet made any commitment to support his re-election or any other gubernatorial contestant

By Jonathan Teikan

Little known politician Joshua Saigilu recently shot to the limelight when the gubernatorial hopeful Tarayia ole Kores publicly rooted for him to win against incumbent Loodokilani Ward representative Jackson Mpaada.

After attending a house-warming function in Iyarat area of KMQ, his home turf, on August 26, Kores took to the social media to acknowledge the presence of the youthful politician.

“My one and only incoming ODM candidate Joshua Saitoti Saigilu was present. Saigilu will face off with (Governor) Lenku’s Tangatanga candidate,” reads his post in part.


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This left a majority of people wondering who is Saigilu, and why does Kores have so much confidence in him, as to endorse his candidature two years to the general election.

After the post went viral, Kajiado Star is reliably informed that Governor Joseph ole Lenku has also immediately reached out to Saigilu, advising him to distance himself from that “propaganda”.

When we reached out to the politician, seeking to find out whether they have made any agreement with Kores, hence his singular endorsement, he said he has no any commitment to support any of the two bigwigs — Lenku or Kores.

He also distanced himself from the ODM tag, saying though its ODM that sponsored his candidature in the last general election, he is now taking his time to decide what party to run with.

“In the meantime, and for the best interest of the Loodokilani people, we have very cordial relations with Governor Lenku, where we (himself, a cabal of his political strategist and supporters) vowed to support him, and he also promised to accomplish some of the request we made to him on behalf of the community,” said Saigilu.

Saigilu, a teacher by profession, is said to command huge political influence in the ward, and more so among the youth population, who form a majority of the eligible electorates in the Ward, and this explains why either of the two politicians are keen to have him on their side.

His growing influence has been attributed to alleged laxity by the incumbent, to play an active role in the daily running of the Ward affairs.

Moreover, critics say the incumbent has squandered too many opportunities to transform the lives of his electorates besides having a working rapport with the County boss.

Saigilu now maintains, that it is not yet time to decide on whom to work with, a decision he says, he will make in consultation with his supporters, and will be communicated at a public rally he is organising at his home in October, when he will be officially announcing his candidature.

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