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Political will is essential to address perennial water shortages

Assenting the Water Harvesting Bill into law was a move in the right direction, what remains is for the local government to demonstrate leadership in enforcing it

By Chris Pareyio, Correspondent

There are all indications that history will judge nominated MCA Onesmus Ngogoyo fairly when his time comes to leave the County Assembly of Kajiado.

His historic private member’s bill — The Kajiado County Rain Water Harvesting Bill (2019) — that was recently passed by the Assembly and assented to a law by Governor Joseph ole Lenku, is a laudable move in addressing perennial water shortages in the county.

His cause has not been rosy. At one point, the Bill faced huge opposition from a clique of Ward representatives, who accused the youthful MCA of single-handedly selecting members to the ad hoc committee, mandated to collect and collate views from members of the public.


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He however, braced on and used his mobilisation skills and the cordial relations he enjoys across the political divide to ensure that his Bill eventually received overwhelming support in the floor of the House.

Kajiado County for decades has been regarded as a water deficient county, with residents mainly relaying on rainwater for their domestic use and livestock farming.

However, since independence, there has not been proper and well thought plan to harvest rainwater in our households and institutions. Rain comes, sometimes in torrrents and is just let go.

And when pangs of thirst strikes us, we turn our anger to the government, “serikali saidia … serikali saidia”.

To the distinguished lawmaker, congratulations once again. I guarantee you that if this Bill gets the political will it deserves, it will have a lasting impact on the lives of all the residents of Kajiado County, now and in future.

I want to see a day when all our primary and secondary schools, universities, TVET colleges, village polytechnics and vocational training centres domiciled in our county to be rainwater harvesting compliant by 2022.

A day when Kajiado County transits from being a water deficient county to a water secure county. it is possible. It only requires a man or woman with a vision.

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