Monik dares Parantai to subdivide Kibiko

Moses Monik says despite the title deed being in the disposal of the “former chair”, he is unable to subdivide the community land as he has no mandate to do so

 By Jonathan Teikan

The Keekonyokie community may have to go for an election, if the two warring committees fighting over the management of the community trust land, won’t come to a consensus, says Moses Monik who leads one of the factions.

Monik while speaking to Kajiado Star on phone, reiterated his claim that he is the elected chair of the trust.

Consequently, he challenged his opponent Moses ole Parantai to subdivide the land, “and safe us all the drama and the threats in his home meetings.”

“If he claims to be the bona fide chair, and he has the title deed at his disposal, then why all these arguments — he should just go on and subdivide the land to the community members,” he said.

In his opinion, Parantai despite having the title deed, he has been unable to subdivide the land because, “he does not have the mandate [to do so].

He further argued that, Parantai is not recognized as per the Constitution of the trust and the country’s by-laws.

Responding to this allegation, Parantai said, “let him first explain how he got appointed, who oversaw the election and provide backing documents.”

He added: “I have every document necessary to prove my chairmanship, does he have any?”

Following media reports that the land has not had a constitution, he said, “Its only Parantai’s faction that does not have a constitution, but as far as I am concerned, the trust has a constitution.”

Asked what the fate will be, if the stalemate persist, he offered, “then the members will go for an election.”

However, who or what will declare the election, or how it will be contacted, remains a mystery.

Without giving much details, he claimed that, following his election as the chairman of the land committee, Parantai initially conceded defeat and took back a certificate of incorporation to the Ministry of Land offices in Nairobi.

However, he said, politics came up, and some people incited him to withhold the title deed, which Parantai recently said that it has been under his custody for the last two decades.

Upon his assumption of office, Monik said, his committee got registered and were given the certificate (of incorporation), which his opponents have been alleging that he acquired “fraudulently”.

Parantai said, on October 10, 2012, “We did a general meeting, at Kibiko holding ground, to appoint new trustees following a resignation of Peter ole Kaaka, and a fallout of other members.”

Following the change of trustees, as required by law, “we took the certificate of incorporation to the Commissioner of Lands together with the minutes of the meeting, to facilitate the process, and so it was never out of defeat as he claims.”

Parantai mantains that, “the certificate he (Monik) is holding, has not been signed by a Cabinet Secretary, as is supposed, but a Registrar of Documents… why has it not been signed by the CS?” he questioned.

Furthermore, Monik termed as “misinterpretations” remarks made by retired head teacher Daniel ole Turume, and which were published by Kajiado Star, alleging that some leaders were mandated to appoint an all-inclusive 15 members trust committee.

On May 25, at a meeting convened by Governor Joseph ole Lenku at Kibiko holding ground, Turume said, Kajiado West MP George Sunkuyia and his erstwhile opponent Joseph ole Simel were asked to appoint four people each.

Also the former area MP Moses Sakuda, the retired head teacher said, was allowed to appoint seven members.

However, according to Turume, Monik-led faction realized that the plan will not work to their advantage, since 11 against 4 are seen to support Parantai, and so they resorted to assuming that nothing of the sort was ever agree upon.

Monik said: “That is a misinterpretation… The governor only gave the area MP (George Sunkuyia) a mandate to bring the two committees together, and to formulate a joint committee which will oversee the subdivision process.”

His sentiments echo what Ewuaso Oonkidong’i Ward representative Justus Ngussur told this paper in a separate interview.

“There is no anything like that, how can individuals with vested interest be allowed to appoint committee members… that is the worst way of doing things,” said the lawmaker.

The sideshows take place against the backdrop of a successful lawsuit lodged by three members of the community land, who sought a court injunction to stop the land trustees from “allocating/alienating/transferring” the land, arguing that the exercise was being done “arbitrallily, unprocedurally, unlawfully, and unconstitutionally… without the mandatory consent of the members.”

The three, Phillip S. Wuantai, John K. ole Musei Moitallel, and David Ntilaua Sorimpan were, however, categorical that they were not opposed to the subdivision of the land, but only to any impropriety in the process.

Monik however revealed that there are “about four other on-going cases in court, separately lodged by Parantai.”

Parantai, however has refuted claim, noting, “I have been cited on various occasions as a respondent. I have not lodged any case in court.”

Once the court gives it directions, with regard to the cases, Monik said, “then we will comply.”

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