Leaders stick to their guns, as Mudavadi popularises State House bid

The ANC boss is apparently keen to woo local leaders, among them Governor Lenku, to support his quest to run for the country’s top seat

By Jonathan Teikan

Amani National Congress leader Musalia Mudavadi has launched his charm offensive in Kajiado County, as he prepares for a stab at presidency in 2022.

A delegation of leaders led by Governor Joseph ole Lenku, ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi, and Kajiado Central MP Elijah Memusi on their way to Maparasha, Matapato North, to celebrate a cultural rite function. Photo/ Courtesy

The former Vice President, led a high power delegation, to pay a courtesy call to Governor Joseph ole Lenku and Kajiado Central MP Memusi Kanchori before he attended a cultural rite ceremony, olng’esher, in Maparasha, Matapato North, where he rallied residents to “join his quest to form the next government of uchumi bora for all Kenyans.”

In his brief speech riddled with a plenitude of platitudes, Mudavadi hailed the Maa community as the only enduring custodians of the nation’s impeccable culture.

“Your cultural image, cultural practices and traditions, is widely known for its distinctive respect, and I urge you to continue preserving it,” he said.

He endeavored to present himself as a paragon of virtue, and the ideal candidate who has the will to slay the dragon of corruption, that has arguably been mutilating the country’s economy — once he gets elected as the next Head of State.

His key lieutenants from his Western region home turf, and who accompanied him, described him as a peaceable and sober leader, “who leads his campaigns with utmost respect for every Kenyan, and do not, at any time, resort to hulling insults like some other leaders are currently doing,” said Sabatia MP Alfred Agoi, warning that the trend could easily plunge the country into ethnic chaos.

The MP was perhaps referring to a section of Rift Valley leaders who were recently arrested and arraigned in court for alleged accusations of uttering inflammatory remarks against President Uhuru Kenyatta and his family.

In an apparent understanding that pastoralism is a pivotal aspect of the community’s way of living, Lugari MP Ayub Savula urged his boss, Musalia, to prioritize “formation of a special fund for livestock production”, once he gets elected.

Agoi also took to laud the recent Kenya Defence Forces’ take-over of Kenya Meat Commission, noting that the move is long overdue, and that it will deal to restore the public trust of the government agency which he said has for a long time been exploited to serve selfish interest of a clique of powerful individuals at the expense of the public interest.

ANC leader Musalia Mudavadi in Matapato North. Photo/ Courtesy

Nominated Senator Petronila Were, whose proposal was invaluable in unlocking the revenue sharing formula stalemate, in the Senate, said she is very proud that Kajiado County, now stand to gain Sh1.5 billion.

However, MP Memusi, a staunch ODM politician, could not mince his words, urging locals to rally behind the Handshake between President Kenyatta and his party leader Raila Odinga.

Governor Lenku, also on his part, stuck to his guns, saying he is firmly behind the Kieleweke faction of the Jubilee party, and that he is waiting for the President to instruct him on the course to take.

Mudavadi’s visit follows hot on the heels of another visit by Deputy President William Ruto, who had, last Sunday, attended a church function in the outskirts of Kitengela town, and later addressed an open rally in the town, also in a quest to popularise his State House bid.

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