Kores, why I’ll be Kajiado governor in 2022

Isn’t he worried that Kajiado North MCAs, where he draws a lot of support, are currently leaning towards Ruto’s UDA? “Well, they have their reasons for being in UDA, but I have my networks on the ground,” says Kores. “I have always used that to connect with the people.”

The Kajiado County gubernatorial contest is bound to get a lot more interesting and competitive, with the entry of Tarayia ole Kores as a candidate.

Unlike 2017, Kores will be contesting the all-important seat in Kajaido on an ODM ticket. “I am under no illusions and I am not looking for any favours,” Kores told Kajiado Star. “I just want a free and fair nomination contest with whoever is interested in the party ticket and I will emerge victorious.”

With Raila Odinga being the party leader, Kores is confident that the nomination exercise with be just, unlike what he was subjected to in 2017, in the Jubilee party, with current governor Joseph ole Lenku as his main competitor. “We all know what happened to the Jubilee nominations.

After cancelling the first nomination exercise, Deputy President William Ruto pitched camp at Jubilee House, where he proceeded to mess up the entire exercise,” alleged Kores.

“I had thoroughly whitewashed Lenku in the nomination contest, but when the rigging was unleashed, the party ticket was handed to Lenku,” he alleged. Kores accuses DP Ruto of being the chief architect of his woes in Kajiado, going back to 2013.

In 2013, Kores would have taken the governor’s seat without breaking a sweat, only for the court to deny him the ticket on allegations of suspect university papers. Why would Ruto be so much against him? “Ruto never forgave me for dumping his then URP party and joining Uhuru Kenyatta’s TNA, before the 2013 elections,” says Kores. “I had to make a prudent decision; URP, unlike TNA, did not have following in Kajiado.”

In 2017, Kores insists that he had President Uhuru Kenyatta’s blessings to go for the governor’s seat. “In fact, Uhuru summoned Ruto, the late (Joseph) Nkaissery and I, and demanded to know why I could not get the party ticket. Ruto told the president that I had a lot of enemies. Uhuru dismissed Ruto’s allegations, saying the fights were political in nature and that I picked them while defending their government,” explained Kores.

Regarding his papers Kores, in 2016, graduated with a bachelor’s degree in Development Studies from Mount Kenya University. “Uhuru personally sent Nkaissery to the university so as to satisfy himself that I had indeed undertaken the course,” he says.

He says that he is confident of beating former governor David Nkedianye, in the ODM nomination contest, to clinch the ticket. There has been speculation that since Lenku supports the Handshake project, fronted by Uhuru and Odinga, he might defend his seat on an ODM ticket. “Lenku is free to join us in the nomination exercise but first, he needs to make up his mind, which party he belongs to. He has been flirting with all the major political parties,” says Kores.

Isn’t he worried that Kajiado North MCAs, where he draws a lot of support, are currently leaning towards Ruto’s UDA? “Well, they have their reasons for being in UDA, but I have my networks on the ground,” says Kores. “I have always used that to connect with the people.”

Despite the fact that two of his opponents, Lenku and Nkedianye have the experience of being governors, that does not necessarily put pressure on Kores. “When it comes to delivering to the people of Kajiado, it is an open secret they have been abject failures. I have the requisite national and international connections that would make my work easier and ensure that this county moves to the next level,” he says.

He is referring to the period, between 2005 and 2014, when he was elected the president of United Cities and Local Government of Africa (UCLGA). During the same period, he was also the chairman of East Africa Local Government Association (EALGA), as well as the Association of Local Government Authorities of Kenya (ALGAK). He had an office in Rabat, Morroco.

Kores achieved all this, while being the councillor of Loodokilani Ward in Kajiado West. “I was elected purely on merit,” he avers. “How else would you explain the fact that I was elected by 175 local authorities, with only six being Maa speaking authorities?”

“During my time as chairman of Olkejuado County Council moved from position 152 out of 175 to position three. We were also voted the best improved in terms of revenue collection,” he explained, adding that as a result, he was added sh6 million to go towards projects of his choice. Among the projects that benefitted from the money, was a generator he donated to Olkejuado High School in 2011.

With the current voter registration exercise, Kores urges Kajiado to register in large numbers and especially those who have settled in the county from elsewhere. “If you live in Kajiado, either through employment or residence, kindly transfer your vote here,” he says. “Your vote is the one that ensures that you get the services that will make your life here comfortable.”

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