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Kajiado’s Covid-19 patient admitted at Ole Kasasi

Members of her immediate family have been tested, and are quarantined awaiting results

By Stephen Sarinke

The third Covid-19 patient from Kajiado County, has been admitted at Ole Kasasi health center in Ongata Rongai Ward, Kajiado North Constituency.

County Health Minister Esther Somoire, through a communique, confirmed that the patient is now under close monitoring by the health personnel at the facility.

Ms Somoire further revealed that an anonymous caller recently informed the county health officials that there was a suspected case from Naramat, off Ngong-Kiserian road.

The suspect, 34, is reported to had visited a private facility, but was referred to Ngong Sub-county hospital for further medication.

“She however did not make to the facility immediately but our response team in Kajiado North went to her house and confirmed that she was quite ill,” says the communique in part.

She was then taken to Ole Kasasi, where it was discovered that she exhibited symptoms of coronavirus.

Her sample was collected and taken to the National Influenza Centre Laboratory at the National Public Health Laboratories, who tested the samples and confirmed her to be Covid-19 positive.

In the immediate aftermath, the department of health deployed officers for a contact tracing exercise, and have so far taken samples of the immediate family members, who are now quarantined awaiting results.

“We are still tracing her other contacts… She is quite incapacitated and is thus having difficulties explaining all those who came into contact with her,” said Ms Somoire adding that her department will give further updates on the case.

In today’s update, Health Chief Administrative Secretary Dr Mercy Mwangangi reported that out of 1,330 people tested in 24 hours, 8 tested positive of the virus, thus bringing the total number of confirmed cases to 270.

Four of the cases were from Mombasa, three from Nairobi and the one from Kajiado County.

The first confirmed case of the coronavirus in the country was reported in the Ongata Rongai Ward.

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