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In Kajiado, a media star is born

We have put together a winning team of correspondents scattered all around Kajiado County

By Jonathan Teikan, Managing Editor

The birth of the Kajiado Star is yet another milestone for the media in this vast and resourceful county. Published by the Jonte Africa Premier Group, this online newspaper will promptly and conveniently bring news, entertainment, and various features to all segments of the county’s population.

Indeed, Kajiado has not been left behind in technology. Young people everywhere carry smartphones, tablets and other gadgets as they go about their daily chores. Laptops and desktop computers are to be found in many homes and offices. From Kitengela to Kiserian and Isinya to Loitokitok, technological advancement is moving at a fast and furious pace to change the lives of people for the better. The media should not be left behind by this tidal wave.

Whereas traditional media is still important, new media helps provide news on the go — the kind that would help ordinary citizens decide on their day-to-day travelling plans, sales and promotions that would be of benefit, and other emerging issues of common interest. They do not have to wait for the next news bulletin or the following day’s newspaper to know the pressing issues of the day. Our promise is to deliver news as it unfolds.

In so doing, we have put together a winning team of correspondents scattered all around Kajiado County. These have been carefully selected for their skill and experience to ensure that we give our readers reliable, incisive, and timely coverage of events from across all sectors and areas within the county.

No doubt, the demographic group that forms the largest segment of our readership is the youth. Ideally, these are people who are not only young but also possess ambition, foresight, confidence, and the drive to seek out whatever they set their eyes upon. The youth have the greatest stake over the county and the nation, more than any other group. It is imperative that they be well informed of the issues that have an impact over their lives.

Quite often, this news will be depressing. Corruption, nepotism, crime, ineptitude in public office, and many other social ills do not make for edifying news. But the news still has to be told, for the reason that we must seek to uproot the evil from our midst and create a just and fair society, one in which every dream shall be valid.

We will therefore seek to cover such areas of interest to the youth as sports, entertainment, and careers. We will also be in the vanguard of encouraging young people to venture into areas that are often overlooked but which hold great potential, including agriculture, fisheries, and research and development. Pastoralism being a key area in which a huge chunk of the population derives its livelihood, we will focus on the latest developments, technology, and information that would be useful to livestock farmers.

Naturally, education and health are key areas of concern in Kajiado County. This publication will address the pressing issues of the day in these social sectors, keeping leaders to account in the disbursement of scholarships and the management of health facilities.

But that is not all. The productive sectors such as trade and manufacturing cannot be ignored. Above all, good governance is the glue that binds all our sectors together in a harmonious whole to bring about sustainable development. Economics cannot be divorced from the politics of the day, and we promise to give balanced coverage to both.

In all these endeavours, we promise not to lose sight of our readers. They are the reason for this publication. We are far from being know-it-alls; we therefore look forward to receive views and comments, insights, and tips that will further enrich this online newspaper in fulfilling its mandate. Welcome on board.

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