Ilasit children quit school for menial jobs

Officials warn parents that punitive measures will be taken against them

By Isaac Lenkou

Ilasit senior chief Johnson Kulale has warned parents in the area that punitive measures will be taken against them if their children are found doing menial street work when they are supposed to be in school.

Speaking to the Kajiado Star in Ilasit town, Kulale said that, “With the help of nyumba kumi elders, we shall make sure all the children in this town have returned to school and parents are made answerable why they have not taken their children to school.”

The chief also appealed to the business community in the area, saying that whoever who will be found culpable of perpetuating the vice will face the full force of the law.

In a separate interview, Daniel Kihoro, the chairman of the nyumba kumi initiative in the town, confirmed that a majority of school-going children have enrolled in the carwash business, while others are doing other menial jobs, especially during market days.

“We are calling upon government officials to intervene and work with the senior chief to mop out children who are working in the market while others are in schools learning,” said Kihoro.

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