Different fortunes, one person: The story of Simba

From a timid boy who almost gave up on developing his talent, Hosea Rampeyian has become a beacon of hope for many youngsters in Kajiado

By Beverline Timanoi

Hosea Rampeyian, a song writer and performing artist, might just be the next big international music star.

The 20-year-old from Isinya in Kajiado East is full of passion and determination to pursue his music career despite all the challenges of an upcoming artist.

His stage name, RAMC Music or Simba, was derived from his hard work and active engagement in fighting through each challenge standing in his way towards becoming the best artist in Kajiado County.

He started working on his music career while in form three at Isinya Boys High School by writing a lot of songs and also singing a cappella in church.

Being a high school student, he could not ask for support from his parents, who were already struggling to pay his fees. He saved his pocket money and used the money to record his first track. Unfortunately, it turned out badly, forcing him to shelve his ambitions until after clearing high school because of the negative feedback.

His stage performance was wrecked by lack of confidence, opposition that he met when he performed with experienced artist during occasions as he picked up his vision after clearing high school education. Peer pressure and lack of finances made him lose self-esteem, being young and inexperienced. Despite all these problems, his zeal for music was not shattered.

He managed to record his second track despite all the financial constraints he faced. Fortunately, this track turned out well and became a turning point. This fired up his ambition and he launched his first album soon thereafter.

Esupen Entertainment, the best recording label, finally signed him. He did his second album, which was well received and gave him a place at the table among the best artists in the county.

Hosea came up with a foundation (Esupen Foundation) as a way of giving back to the society. The motto of the foundation is, “Raise a star, educate a star.” The foundation is targeting to help needy children in the society either through nurturing their talent or education sponsorships.

In his quest to improve the music industry, he harbours the dream of coming up with Kajiado Music Awards, which will help in actualizing talent.

“I have achieved a lot in my music life. The exposure and interaction with big artists is satisfying. I can also pay my bills through my music. My vision is to unite our society through nurturing talent, influencing the youth in a positive way, and committing myself to educating others and fighting drug abuse. I also want to be the first Maasai artist to hit the global market through music. I will help my community to maintain our rich culture, conserve our natural resources, and finally raise influential people in our land,” said an enthusiastic Hosea.

Hosea pays tribute to two brands in Kajiado — Esupen and MaaFlev — for working tirelessly to transform the community through music. The two brands have recognized the vast potential in music across the county and have been instrumental in nurturing upcoming artists.

“I have a new album, Engolon, This is the story of my life. It describes my previous situation and my current state. I used a wheelchair and crutches to walk but God changed my story and I can now walk,” says Hosea.

That latest album was officially released on November 30 at an event dubbed Mayian night at the Creflo Gardens in Kitengela, perhaps Hosea’s biggest event ever in Kajiado County and a crowning moment as he basks in the glory that only fame can bring.

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