Defiled minor: Family considers DNA test to fix rapist

The girl, who in now nursing her baby at home, was at the time enrolled in Standard 7 at a boarding primary school


A man who was arraigned in court for defiling his teenage daughter in Loitokitok may have to face a DNA test.

The girl’s mother has said that since the man has denied the charges and said she was accusing him falsely, a way would have to be found to ascertain the paternity of the baby, who is now two and a half months old.

“I would urge the court to do a DNA test,” she told the Kajiado Star. “The girl was a virgin; he broke her virginity and impregnated her. If she had not got pregnant, the whole defilement would not have been known.”

The man is said to have threatened to kill the daughter and her mother if she revealed the ordeal, which took place at Kimana in July last year.

The girl, who in now nursing her baby at home, was at the time enrolled in Standard 7 at a boarding primary school. She was defiled on a Saturday and returned to school the following Monday, but soon developed symptoms of early pregnancy.

“I got to know about it later. I did not ask my husband about it because he is a violent man and had even threatened me with death several times,” said the woman. I left for my parents’ home, where we decided to report the matter to authorities. He was arrested and charged.”

Meanwhile, the family is living in fear of being attacked by the man once he leaves custody. “We hear he was given bail terms but has been unable to raise the required amount. We are living in fear,” said the woman. “Day and night, we are always fearful. I have lived with him for 14 years and I know he is capable of doing anything. He has been terrorizing me and neglecting the children, but I persevered.”

The accused works as a cook at a local school. The case will resume on July 4 for defence hearing before Resident Magistrate Samuel Ndungu.

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