Commander to face off with MP Sunkuyia

The former inspector commander made his first stab at the Parliamentary seat in the last general election, but was prevailed upon to shelf his ambitions by the traditional age-set (Ilmerishi) chief

By Our Reporter

Former Kajiado West MP Moses Sakuda’s key political ally William Kipintoi, popularly known as ‘commander’ has declared his interest to face off with incumbent area MP George Sunkuyia in the next general election.

In an exclusive interview with the Kajiado Star, Kipintoi, 43, a former police Inspector commander says the Constituency is now in dire need of an astute leader, who can actualize requisite policy reforms for effectual transformation of the people’s livelihoods.

Kipintoi who made his first stab at the seat in the last general election, but was prevailed upon to shelf his ambitions by the traditional age-set (Ilmerishi) chief, in favor of three contestants of his immediate elderly age-set (Ilkishuru) who were vying for the seat.

They are; then incumbent Sakuda (Jubilee), then area MCA Sunkuyia (Jubilee) and ODM politician Joseph ole Simel.

“It happened that we attended olng’esher (cultural male rite) at the time, with about 10,000 members of my age-group, and there our chief ordered that none of us should vie for the MP’s seat… We were however told that we could vie for the MCA’s seat,” he said with a laughter.

In obedience of the chiefs’ decree, and without hesitating, he immediately took to rally behind Sakuda, who first lost in the party primaries, but still vied as an independent candidate.


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There still, Sunkuyia trounced the three in an election whose results were disputed by Simel in a court of law.

Sakuda however, through the counsel of his trusted lieutenants, among them Mr Kipintoi, conceded defeat, saying that: “The people have decided at the ballot box and I respect their wish.”

Three years down the line, Commander is now of the opinion that: “It is time to peacefully and democratically cultivate the spirit of self-reliance among the constituents, by advocating against factors that bring underdevelopment.

“With the right leadership in place, we can add value to the factors of development, for instance; land, livestock, markets among others.”

On top of his priorities, once elected, is to lobby, with other leaders, for the establishment of a modern tannary at Kiserian trading center, for the processing of hides and skins from the local abattoirs.

He also endeavors to create more job opportunities as well as initiate community housing and water projects that could spur economic growth.

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