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300 orphans, rescued children enjoy Christmas goodies 

The safety of children is a sacred priority for the government 

By Albert Lemomo 

Pomp, colour and excitement filled the Kajiado KCB Grounds on the Saturday preceding Christmas after at least 300 children — including orphans and those who have fled their homes to avoid female genital mutilation and early marriages — received food and clothing donations from well-wishers. 

According to Victor Juma, a youth leader and the organizer of the event dubbed “Feed the Orphans Initiative, many orphans and children living at rescue centres have been forgotten, with no one to care for their needs apart from their caretakers. 

“As a leader and a community, it iimportant to remember these groups of children because most of them come from very vulnerable families. Some are in one way or another affected by the scourge of HIV/AIDS. Therefore, it is paramount to treat them with compassionthat is why we came up with this initiative of providing foodstuff and clothing, so that they can also enjoy and have a memorable Christmas,” said Juma. 

Kimcy Nasieku, a children rights activist in the county, has called for adherence to county laws to ensure all companies fulfil their responsibility to support such causes. 

“All these donations have been provided by individuals and the Red Cross, yet we have so many companies across the county that are raking in millions from our local resources but are nowhere to be seen when we have such important initiatives. It is up to the county government to compel these institutions to support such initiatives. The county government should also develop a kitty for children who are orphans and a living in homes, because everyday the numbers are increasing yet the number of people who support them remain constant. Already the economy is hurting more those that have large numbers in their centres,” she said. 

According to Lenkishon Sub-Location SubChief Caroline Lencharothe safety of children is a sacred priority for the government. 

As government officials on the ground, we have always paid a visit after every three months to all homes within your jurisdiction to assess living conditions and to affirm if the institutions have met all the standards set by the government to protect our children,” the administrator said. 

The 300 children are from the six children’s homes in Kajiado town, including Kajiado Children’s HomeGrace NananaPCEA Mother Easter Children’s HomePCEA Namelok CentreNamitu Enkera Rescue Centre, and Oloropil Children’s Home Centre.  

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