An American family donates foodstuffs to Bissil’s stricken families

Caption: Rev Zephania Kores of The Church on the Rock Olorropil, handing in foodstuffs donated by American missionaries, to Lele, Olorropil, and Lenkishon resident in Bissil. Photo | Courtesy

Naomi Isaka, 45, a beneficiary, says the food donations will sustain the villagers as they wait to harvest from their gardens, which they are still planting

By Beverline Timanoi

Gratitude abounds in Lele, Olorropil, and Lenkishon villages in Kajiado Central Sub-county, as 24 families receive foodstuffs in donation from the Christian Ministries in Africa (CMIA), a non-denominational outfit headquartered in Nairobi.

The villages are part of the most hit areas in the county, following the outbreak of the novel coronavirus pandemic that, besides other effects, has caused unprecedented shock on the global economy.

CMIA which operates various children’s homes and about 200 church congregations in Africa, under the banner of The Church on the Rock, heeded to a request by a local associate pastor — Reverend Zephania Kores — who urged them to come through for the area residents, whom he said are suffering economic hardships.

“I noticed that a majority of the people in our villages are going through very difficult moments, especially with the closure of schools and markets, which made it difficult for parents to get food to feed their families,” said the pastor.

Following his request, Reverend David Hatley and his wife Jennifer who are the directors of the organization offered to give Ksh100,000 and were supported by a couple of other American friends, who also individually contributed some money towards the charity.

“They sent the money to our church account, which we used to purchase the foodstuffs; maize meal, beans, rice, cooking oil, tea, cabbages, and other stuffs.”

Why did he opt to seek donations from overseas? “I don’t know whom to approach locally because everyone sees the plight of the people and none cares, though this is not even the first time, the organization has been giving charity to these villages, they have done it over many years, whenever there are such seasons when people are in need.

Naomi Isaka, 45, one of the beneficiaries told the Kajiado Star: “The charity came as a great relief for us, as we have been starving for the past few weeks since the government announced the closure of markets, which it reopened for livestock recently.”

She said she used to sell milk and tea at Bissil town, but since a majority of the people are now staying in their homes, and hotels are not operating apart from for takeaways, she had no option but to stay at home, and dig her little home garden, hopefully, to be able to feed her family.

She said the ongoing rains came unexpectedly hence they planted their crops late, and it may take them a month or so, as they wait to do the harvest.

“So basically, this donation which we are grateful for, has come in handy, and it can sustain us as we wait to harvest from our gardens.”

On his part, Peter Oseur, 32, from Lenkishon village, said the donation can sustain his family of five for the next two weeks, as they hope that the county and other well-wishers will also come through for them.

“We no longer depend on our little hustles, because besides low purchasing power, as people are holding the little savings they had for their essential needs, we are also fearing going to the markets, lest we risk contracting the virus.”

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